Since the brand entered the Nigerian market, Philips sold mostly entry level irons, blenders, kettles and rice cookers, even though Philips has invested heavily in research and development to design mid to high end products such as the Philips Airfryer, juicer, steamer, etc. to promote healthy living among consumers.

There was a lack of knowledge as consumers did not know the products Philips had and how they can use it to improve their lives, they were also not sure about the value for money or where to buy the products/appliances.

  • We were engaged in February 2017 by the brand after we proposed the “Philips Through Your Life Campaign” which has been used throughout 2017 across four African countries – Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and Cote D’Ivoire.
  • We created a three-minute visual campaign, telling a story about a Nigerian and Ghanaian family.

  • The Philips #ThroughYourLife campaign celebrated the users of Philips products, showing the long-lasting relationship between Philips and users across Africa. It mirrors the longevity, durability and efficiency of Philips products that actually go the distance till they are passed from generation to generation. The campaign showcased 21 products across all categories (Male grooming, beauty, kitchen appliances, Avent, and home appliances).

  • Consumers were also carried along with the campaign, through a competition which ran on social media. They were encouraged to share their story of how “Philips has been there through their life” for a chance to win Philips products/appliances.



  • It projected the Philips brand categories which a lot of consumers didn’t know Philips had.

  • In Nigeria, there was a huge increase in sales after the campaign. Sales figures currently show that Philips has recorded the highest number of sales in 2017 since they’ve been in the Nigerian market.

  • For the others countries there was an increase in distributor orders, the campaign gave the distributors the knowledge of the variety of products Philips has even through they had been previously given brochures and booklets that specifically indicated product categories, the visual campaign had a more positive effect on the distributors.

  • To sustain the campaign, we ran a user generated campaign in Q3 – consumers were encouraged to share a video of the Philips products/appliances they have on instagram. The top five entries were picked every ten days and uploaded to Facebook for the voting stage. The winner with the most views were rewarded with N100,000 worth of Philips products.

  • The UGC campaign was great for generating consumer engagement with the brands social media pages especially on instagram which grew by over 500%.

  • This User Generated Campaign was executed by us in Nigeria and also adapted locally in Ghana.

  • The Philips Through Your Life campaign has become part of the brands “best practice” for the African market.