How to Apply

Summer internship programme

We have chosen the successful applicants for our 2019 summer internship programme.


Full-time position

If you are interested in joining our team, please read the detailed description below. All applicants for full-time roles must have completed NYSC


Senior Account Executive

Summary of what is expected of SAE: The senior account executive (SAE) is the day-to-day senior account contact for the client and the team. His/her primary responsibilities are to understand the scope and context of the integrated marketing and PR program; to implement the program with junior team members; drive monthly reporting for all campaigns; and, drive activities for successful completion. The SAE also holds a higher level of media/blogger relationships and a proven track record of successful media and social media campaigns. The SAE clearly understands and articulates what opportunities each integrated marketing channel brings to the client challenge(s) and works with his/her team to execute against the program’s deliverables. A successful SAE will have minimal guidance on day-to-day activities as he/she will be the senior leader on the account. The SAE comprehends social media and digital marketing initiatives and can successfully manage program execution and day-to-day implementation.

Essential Responsibilities/Duties:

  • Assist senior management in developing and implementing monthly account planning and activities
  • Identify and place clients in targeted high-level media and blog opportunities
  • May manage specific projects independently
  • Demonstrates excellent judgment and ability to solve problems, delegating work appropriately across account teams
  • Possess strong writing and editing skills. Ability to write attention-grabbing media materials, client correspondence, reporting documents, points-of-view strategy documents, agency and client blog posts and other integrated marketing materials
  • Ability to contribute to and develop public relations strategies, social media and marketing plans, and implement them with confidence
  • Drive smart, tactical execution of client programs
  • Establish strong relationships with knowledge of relevant media and blogs to generate awareness of client’s products, services, thought leadership, or activities
  • Establish successful, productive relationships with client contacts
  • In-depth understanding of social media tools and ability to implement social media programs
  • Understand what success means to each client, then deliver on those results
  • Ability to manage 3-4 accounts simultaneously
  • Add creative insight and problem-solving to all of the above on a consistent basis


1. We are looking for two people to join our team. Please send your CV to

2. It is important that you read through the information above carefully.

3. We will not respond to applicants that do not fit the detailed description shared above.